Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I've been busy carding batts on the ol' drumcarder. Here's what I've got so far:

Electroshock Blues
- dark turquoise superfine Merino, dyed silk in pale turquoise, naturally coloured brown Manx Loghtan fibre, naturally coloured cream soya bean fibre and some Angelina sparkle...
Electroshock Blues batt collage

Baby Bean
- naturally coloured undyed fluff! A baby camel and soya bean blend with added soya bean combed top and fibres...
Baby Bean batt collage

Sari Sweepings
- black Merino, black viscose and sari silk scraps...
Sari Sweepings batt collage

- dyed Merino (greys and turquoises), natural white Merino, natural white bamboo fibre, hand dyed turquoise silk, Black Diamond and Angelina sparkle (mint and peacock green)...
Galvanize batts collage

Vacuum Bag Quartet
- (named after Ade asked whether I'd been emptying out the vacuum bag - how rude!). These contain dyed Merino (maroon), natural coloured Merino (brown and white), natural coloured grey/brown Blue Faced Leicester and loads of fluffy sari silk waste...
Vacuum Bag Quartet batt collage

I'm going to try out some corespinning with these. Need to refine my carding technique, all these batts are a bit 'loopy' and don't look as good as the ones I drool over on Etsy. Need more practice! Oh well, more excuses to play with fibre can't be a bad thing... :)

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