Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Repairing rocks!

I like trying to repair and mend things when they break (yay for saving money and the environment at the same time!) but when our little Canon camera started playing up I knew it was beyond me to try and fix it and I also thought it would cost more than it was worth to repair it.

We decided to look into buying a replacement and I felt a bit sad that it was 'the end' for our little camera (I know, I shouldn't get emotionally attached to electrical goods). However, I got an unexpected glimmer of hope when the latest Howies clothing catalogue arrived...

There are always great articles in the catalogue, often about the environment, 'green' issues and sustainability (all things that the company is passionate about). The article that caught my eye was about repairing things, in particular a digital camera that sounded as if it had the same fault that mine did.

This is what was happening, can you see the pinky-purple line along the top of the picture? It gradually got worse until the whole screen was filled and all the photos were ruined!
Pink stripe of doom

The writer of the Howies article had been told about a website called Fixya, a forum where people post problems and faults with all kinds of products (not just electricals but vehicles and plumbing things too!). It seems that there are loads of people out there that know how to fix things and many of them are keen to help!

I typed in my camera make and model (and the problem) and quickly found that the fault was something that Canon were aware of and would fix, free of charge, even though the camera was several years old! It seemed to be something wrong with the image sensor. The same thing had happened to the Howies man with his Samsung camera.

I couldn't quite believe it so I rang up Canon's UK customer care line. They were really helpful and told me where to send the camera for the repair (as there isn't a repair centre in Cumbria). I posted it off and tried not to get too excited in case they couldn't fix it but it came back today, all mended and as good as new!

Here it is looking happy on my window ledge...
Canon comapct camera

So hurrah for fixing things, even the complicated stuff! Its inspired me to add a list of websites to my blog that are all to do with the 3R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) and the 4th R - repair!


  1. That's a nice story and fairplay to cannon for doing right by you.

    However I'm afraid you've got it all wrong, electrical goods should be routinely damaged beyond repair to allow you to buy newer shinier versions with more megapixies and suchlike.

    Anyone who knows anything knows that!

  2. Ha! That's true and I did get excited about a posh new camera for a bit (the shiny one that caught my eye was a 10 megapixel Panasonic with HD video!).

    The electronics industry (and all the members of the AV Forums) probably frown on sites like Fixya!

  3. that is very cool news!
    so glad you got your camera fixed so you can add many more pics of woolies & other fun fibery things! :)

  4. that was lucky! My husband has just had to fork out £70 to have his iphone so I'm less enamored with the world of repairs!

    By the way, thanks for the links to your dyeing workshop photies - it looks like a great course. Would love to do it but not sure if the pennies will stretch that far this year.... still, I did enter a competition to win a workshop when we were at wonderwool so fingers crossed.....