Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Batts, batts batts...

I've been doing a lot of drum carding this week! :)

Solstice - dyed merino in purple, lilac and oranges, hand dyed superfine merino/silk blend called 'silver lining' from Limegreenjelly at Etsy, copper mulberry silk and copper angelina sparkle...
Solstice batt collage

I made 'Solstice' on the summer solstice since it seemed easier to celebrate it in batt form than to stay up all night or do anything else that was too energetic! I've already spun it up but no photos as yet since I haven't got round to setting the twist.

Dirty Pretty Thing - naturally coloured brown/grey organic Wensleydale locks, hand dyed mystery locks in oranges and dyed Merino wool (doesn't contain any Carl Barat unfortunately)...
Dirty Pretty Thing batt collage

'Dirty Pretty Thing' is the first really greasy, lanolin-ey fibre that I've carded (think it was from the hand dyed mystery locks) and my hands were all dirty and sticky afterwards! It is pretty though, hence the name :) I've already spun this one too but it needs a nice long bath to get rid of the greasiness.

Green Fields - hand dyed camel fibre and silk blend in 'forest' from Freyalyn at Etsy, dyed Merino in greys and blues, black diamond (carbonized bamboo fibre), dyed silk and angelina sparkle...
Green Fields batt collage

Camels in the Forest - hand dyed camel/silk blend 'forest' from Freyalyn at Etsy again, dyed Merino and mystery wool, natural undyed baby and adult camel fibre, mulberry silk, angelina fibre, banana threads (what are they?!) and soya bean fibre...
Camels in the Forest batt collage

The green in 'Camels in the Forest' is mostly the hand dyed camel/silk blend called 'forest' and there is additional camel fibre (baby and adult!) in the orangey section, hence the name! It'll be interesting to see how the banana threads behave when these batts are spun. They seemed very long when I carded them in! I'll report back :)

Got my second ceramic buttons course tonight so I'll try and take some pictures this time (got too carried away during the first class and forgot to take any!). We get to see how the things made last time turned out so I'm very excited about that! And of course it's Woolfest on Friday and Saturday... what a week, I feel like I might burst! :D

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