Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Corespinning kick...

I've been doing lots of spinning recently (the house is starting to be overtaken by yarn, maybe I need to try and sell some?!) and I'm particularly excited about my corespun yarns. First up are some spun from my own hand carded batts...

Galvanize - Merino, bamboo, silk, Black Diamond and Angelina sparkle. 139g and 149 metres long
Galvanize yarn collage

Vacuum Bag Quartet - Merino, Blue Faced Leicester and fluffy sari silk waste. 137g and 104 metres long
Vacuum Bag Quartet yarn collage

Baby Bean
- baby Camel and soya bean fibre. 180g but only 22.5 metres long (it's a super chunky beast!)
Baby Bean yarn collage

Check out the chunky-ness with my finger for scale! Eeek!
Baby Bean yarn and my finger for scale!

I've been hoarding some gorgeous Hobbledehoy batts until I felt competent enough to corespin them. My recent rush of corespinning confidence resulted in these (click on the yarn names to see the original batts)...

Tarasque - Merino, baby Camel down, bamboo and silver sparkle. 102g and 66 metres long
Tarasque yarn collage

Asturias - Merino, Cashmere, bamboo and silver sparkle. 91g and 109 metres long
Asturias yarn collage

I'm happy with the way the yarns have turned out (although I haven't made anything with them yet so I need to carry out knitting and weaving tests!) but there's still plenty of room for improvement. I'd like to have more control over how thick the yarn turns out (it seems to be left to fate at the moment!) and I need to have another batt carding session (maybe today since its raining) as I think my heavy-on-the-silk-and-bamboo batts were less successful for corespinning.

Still, it's always nice to feel that there's a good reason to make more of something - it's all in the name of fibre education!

In related news, when I was in Coventry recently we had a sneaky trip to Ikea and I bought a swish new stock pot to use exclusively for dyeing! I felt very extravagant and I haven't had the courage to use it yet but it keeps looking at me so I must get round to it soon! :)


  1. They look fab! I especially love Asturias and Tarasque. How do you come up with such imaginative names?! I find the naming the hardest part! Have you thought of setting up an etsy or folksy shop? I used to have one on etsy for cards but I haven't been brave enough to put any handpsun up for sale yet! Also, I've just booked a place at a craft fair in October so I'm hoarding all the saleable stuff so that I have plenty of stock for then... nothing like a deadline to focus the mind (or fingers)!

    Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your dyepot - are you thinking of using natural dyes?

  2. Thanks! :)

    I can't take the credit for Tarasque and Asturias unfortunately, they're Hobbledehoy's batt names! I think I remember reading that she's into sci-fi so I think she gets a lot of inspiration there. It is tricky thinking of names, I've started making a note when I think of anything good and then matching it up to an appropriate yarn when one comes along!

    I have thought about setting up an Etsy shop (in fact I've registered for one but that's as far as I got!). I'm a bit scared of selling things in case they're not good enough. I need to get over that though, I'll never know unless I try!

    Great news about you having a craft show coming up! I think handspun is something that probably sells best 'in person' because people get to squish it! Looking forward to hearing how it goes :)

    I've got some chemical-ey dyes to try out in my dyepot first of all (they're called Landscape dyes, natural by name, un-natural by nature!). I'll definitely have a go with natural dyes at some point though. I've got some dried Madder knocking about somewhere from a friend. The great results you've got from natural dyeing are enough to inspire anyone to try it out! :)

  3. So beautiful! Corespinning is something I never feel confident in - the tension and the rate of twist is tricky!