Sunday, 28 June 2009

The excitement of Woolfest...

I spent the whole of Friday at Woolfest! It was fantastic, as always (I've been to at least 3 out of the 5 Woolfests so far). Lots of lovely people, fantastic fibre and gorgeous wooly, fluffy and fleecy animals!

There was even cake! This is the special Woolfest 5th Birthday cake, very impressive...
Woolfest 5th anniversary cake

I didn't take many photos as my hands were mostly full of shopping! I'd planned to nip round at the end and get some pictures but I was too worn out by then. I did find time for some animal snaps though...

Here's a sweet local Herdwick lamb...
Herdwick lamb

A pretty Hebridean ewe stamping her foot...
Hebridean ewe stamping
(I've got a whole year of lovely Hebridean sheep photos coming up in 2010 with my new calendar from the Hebridean Sheep Society stand!)

Some very noisy Angora goat kids snacking on sticks...
Angora goat kids

A family of Manx Loghtan sheep next to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust stand...
Manx Loghtan ewe and lambs 1

We got a nice tea towel from the RBST stand, modelled here by Ade...
Ade models RBST teatowel

It was a hot day so the fluffy Angora rabbits looked a bit fed up. This is Dusty...
Dusty the Angora rabbit
(I bought home a bag of Dusty-fluff to spin! It'll be my first go with Angora.)

Ade took some pictures of me while I was distracted by some plant-dyed fleece...
Choosing some naturally dyed fleece 2

And while I was having a go on an Ashford Country Spinner!
Spinning on the Country Spinner
(I'm saying 'try not to make me look like a freak!' - it didn't seem to work!)

There was a large demonstration area of all Ashford's products so I couldn't resist asking for a go on the Country Spinner. It's huge bobbin (spinning wildly in the photo) holds 1kg of yarn! I've had my eye on one for ages but haven't really got room for a second wheel. It was easier to get on with than I'd imagined. Maybe one day...

The people on the Ashford stand were really helpful and after a while we realised that they were the 'actual Ashfords', all the way from New Zealand! Spinning celebrities at Woolfest!

I came home with a huge amount of shopping (most of which was on the list I took with me, so I was relatively well behaved!). I've got a few pictures of the new 'stash' on the camera so I'll probably show it off tomorrow :)


  1. Sounds wonderful - I'm seriously jealous! I did manage to acquire no less than 4 whole fleeces this weekend though so I guess I shouldn't be too miffed that I couldn't get the Woolfest...... Really hope I can get to Fibre Fest in Devon. Do you think there's a group for people who are addicted to wool festivals?? Perhaps we should start one.... :)

    Anyhow, glad you had fun - lovely sheep pictures btw. Looking forward to hearing about your purchases!

  2. Four fleeces?! Sounds like your weekend was very wooly! :D I'm going to head over to your blog in a mo to see if you've shed some light on the lovely wooden ladies in the photo!

    I think a group (a Ravelry group or support group?!) for people addicted to fibre festivals would be a good idea. I hope you can get to the Devon Fibre Fest too because that's one I'm going to miss, you can tell me all about it! :)

  3. All has now been revealed!

    I didn't set out to have a woolly weekend - it was the baby's birthday bbq and I noticed that they were shearing in the adjacent field so, armed with a gallon or so of elderflower champagne, I went over to barter for some fleeces! :) I got 1 jacob and 1 whitefaced woodland. Quite a bargain! The other two fleeces were from the farm where we camped - the farmer said they were worthless as they were black - I had a different opinion! I've never tackled a whole fleece before so I'm guessing it's going to be quite a steep learning curve. Might have to invest in a drumcarder - the thought alone of carding all that wool by hand makes my wrists ache!

  4. Whoo... that's a fantastic fleecy haul! And how brilliant to be able to barter your elderflower champagne for them! I've never spun Whitefaced Woodland but the name alone sounds lovely! :)

    Great that you were able to 'rescue' two black fleeces as well. Its such a shame that they're still worthless in so many people's eyes. It'll be a great learning curve sorting out all those fleeces. Drumcarders are brilliant machines, you may be able to borrow one from a local guild to try out? Although buying one is very exciting... :)