Tuesday, 9 June 2009

More adventures in Wales!

I didn't get round to doing a second blog post while we were away in Wales (we've been back a few days now) but we did loads of things so I thought better late than never...

On the Monday we went to The Shed in Porthgain for the most AMAZING fish and chips. Ade had battered grey mullet (continuing his quest to try out different sustainable fish) and I let the side down by having haddock and feeling slightly guilty about it. It was the freshest, tastiest fish and the best batter and chips that I've ever had in the world ever (and I've had a lot of fish and chips). Fish and chips will never be the same again (until we get the chance to come back to Porthgain on a Monday!).

Before lunch we went to visit Carreg Sampson, a burial chamber near the coast. It's quite an impressive one with a good view of the sea...
Carreg Sampson

Even the signpost was quite photogenic...
Cromlech Carreg Sampson sign

And there was a stone wall covered in thrift nearby. I love a nice bit of thrift! :)
Thrifty wall near Carreg Sampson

Once we were stuffed full of food we dragged ourselves up to the top of the cliffs at Porthgain. It was such a gorgeous day, the sea looked almost tropical...
Nice cliffs near Porthgain

We spent a lot of time at Whitesands beach, which was only about 15mins walk from where we stayed. I would have been happy just hanging around on the beach and in the sea the whole week!

I made an odd little sand sculpture thing...
Sand mound and the sea

While Ade kept an eye out for dolphins...
Ade's view

We saw lots of little sea gooseberries washed up one evening...
Sea Gooseberry

Ade found a hole in the rocks...
Ade near a hole in the rocks

And we checked out the rockpools...
Whitesands rookpools

Tiny mussels

Rockpools and Whitesands beach

We had a disappointing attempt at dolphin and whale watching with Thousand Islands Expeditions towards the end of the week. It was fine and sunny on land but the fog descended once we were out to sea and the wind soon picked up too. It was really choppy and everyone on the boat got drenched by the waves! We couldn't see a thing because of the fog and in the end the boat turned back because the conditions were so bad. There had been sightings of basking shark, orca and hundreds of dolphins earlier in the week so we were gutted not to see anything. Maybe next time... at least its an excuse for another holiday in Wales! :)

Came home via Coventry to visit friends and had a lovely weekend filled with lots of tasty food. I was too lazy to take any photos unfortunately but I think I'll be investing in the Leon cookbook as we had a few great recipes from there.

I can't believe I forgot that the UK Ravelry Day was going on in Coventry on Saturday! Bah! I think I might have struggled to persuade everyone to go though so maybe it's just as well. Plus it's only a matter of days till Woolfest so I can hang on till then for fiber-y goodness :)


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! We're off to west(ish) Wales next week and seeing your pics has certainly whetted my appetite!

  2. Hope you have a great holiday and the weather stays nice! I can't wait to get back to Wales again! :)