Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sheep eyelids, holding owls and 'name that cow' at Cartmel Show

I was at Cartmel Show yesterday, working on a stand for the day job. I managed to escape from the stand a few times to take some photos and eat a chocolate and banana crepe.

There was a good turn out of sheep and it was funny overhearing people who never usually get a good look at sheep discussing the different breeds...

'Ooh, that one's got a strange looking lumpy face'
A Bluefaced Leicester, hopefully oblivious to the insults.

'Look, these sheep are wearing masks!'
Kerry Hills
Kerry Hills, which are always going to remind me of comic-book bad guys from now on.

There were plenty of Herdwicks on show and I realised for the first time today what incredibly thick eyelids they seem to have. I can't fault them for it, since they live on the Cumbrian fells and it gets pretty bleak up there (I'd want all the natural adaptations I could get if I lived where they do!).

It does explain why they always look a bit sleepy and have a dreamy kind of expression, like this little lamb...
Herdwick lamb

Gratuitous eyelid closeup...
Epic Herdie eyelid

That must be the thickest, furriest eyelid you've seen! Its a wonder they can even open their eyes at all!

Anyway, enough about eyelids. I held an owl!
Small owl on my hand

I can't remember what kind it was. The owl looked a bit bored but I like to think that it was pleased to be out on a sunny day, standing on people's hands.

We had a good view from our stand of a lovely banner advertising the local newspaper's 'name that cow' competition...
Name that cow

The man on the stand wasn't sure if the animal on the poster was actually a cow and I couldn't see any udders on it but as long its friends don't see the poster and ridicule it for posing as a girl, it probably doesn't matter :)


  1. Aww, that little Herdwick lamb is so cute! I have to agree with you about BFLs - very odd looking sheep but lovely wool so I guess looks aren't everything! :)

    I love agricultural shows - lots to see and do. Our county show is in a couple of weeks time and I'm looking forward to checking out the sheep!

    BTW, we have close friends who live at Crook near Kendal - do you know it?

  2. I love agricultural shows too! Hope you have a good day for your local one. I'll keep an eye out for photos!

    We've got out village agricultural show (Lowick Show) coming up in September. There are so many shows in Cumbria, I need to make an effort to visit the ones I haven't been to yet!

    I do know Crook, although not in great detail. I seem to remember it being a nice place though, there are some lovely villages around Kendal :)