Monday, 3 August 2009

Shetland fleeces in the sun...

I finally got round to checking out my Shetland fleeces the other day. I've got three lovely naturally coloured ones from the same man that I got two Wensleydale fleeces from.

Here are the Shetlands, fresh out of the sack...
Rolled up Shetland fleeces
...and then rolled out in the sunshine, as though the owners have gone off for a swim...
Rolled out Shetland fleeces

I found these unexpected tiny little locks in the grey fleece...
Close up grey Shetland curls
They're small but perfectly formed and I'm hoping I can keep a few separate from the rest of the fleece to do something special with.

I thought there would be lots of nasty daggy bits to pull off the fleeces but they're not too bad, just greasy. When I'm feeling energetic I'll be having a monster fleece-washing session! :)


  1. They look lovely - beautiful shades. I'm eager to get mine washed too but the weather's been so bad recently that it's not been possible. Hoping for sunshine this weekend so I can have some serious fleecey action.... :)

  2. Sunshine this weekend would be perfect! We can both wash fleeces and have aching backs together! Or maybe that'll just be me with the aching back, I haven't got my technique refined yet! :)