Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Are you knitting another bowl?!

Errr... I might be! :)

I've had a bowl knitting obsession recently that has resulted in over 10 small knitted bowls of varying size and success. They're knitted in the round on double pointed needles to a pattern I made up as I went along...
Knitted bowls
There's not much point to them but I've enjoyed tweaking the pattern to improve the shape and it's been a good introduction to using DPNs. I'm going to felt one or two of the bowls too, just to see what happens (hopefully they'll get sturdier and fuzzier!).

I also had a go at crocheting a bowl after a quick crochet lesson from the multi-talented Carolyn when she was visiting a few weeks ago. Once I'd got the hang of the basic technique, I thought that crochet would make an even better bowl than knitting but I've run into a problem that I can't seem to solve...

I start out crocheting a round flat base and then decrease by a few stitches to create the sides. Then I keep going for a few rounds to try and get some height to the sides but the bowl just seems to get wider and floppier, curving in on itself. It turns into a low, flat beret type of shape. Maybe a cat beret... If any crocheters out there have got some bowl-making tips, let me know!

In other crochet news, I won a lovely wrist-warmer pattern in this give-away on Rebecca's fantastic blog! The wrist-warmers look great and I'm looking forward to learning some new crochet skills when I give them a whirl. You can buy Rebecca's crochet designs at her Etsy and Folksy shops :)


  1. It's funny - when I saw those bowls I thought 'ooh, they'd be great felted - then I scrolled down... great minds hey? :) They're really cute - look like they be perfect for keeping paperclips, drawing pins and all those other things that seem to materialise on any available surface....

    With the bowl, I'm not entirely sure what's gone wrong but here are a few thoughts:

    what size hook and yarn are you using. If you want something to be structural, it's a good idea to use a smaller hook than you'd usually use.

    what stitch are using? I'd suggest dc or hdc but no taller.

    When you've finished the base part, try only crocheting under the front arm of each stitch for the first round of the side. This will give you a distinct line between base part and side. Carry on as normal after that without making any increases or decreases.

    Are you joining each round with a slip stitch? If so, you need to watch that you don't mistake it as an extra stitch and inadvertently make an increase.

    Um... if all else fails - try a pattern - there's one here: http://www.crochetme.com/June_July_2005/feat_bowls.htm (it uses US crochet terms so when it says sc read dc)

    P.S I love the idea of a cat beret - would make one for my cat if I didn't know she'd have my arm off if I tried to put it on her! :) Oh, and thanks very much for the lovely advertisement :)

  2. Ooh, thanks for the helpful info! :)

    I might well be using a hook that's too small (I've only got one at the moment so now I've got a good excuse to go hook-shopping!). I think I'm doing the bowls in single crochet (but I may not be!) and I might well be accidentally adding an extra stitch as I go (I just keep going round and round!).

    I'll have another go and try out your directions and I'll have a proper look at the pattern on the link you've given (thanks for that!).

    I think there could be a niche out there for cat berets (if the cats decide that they want them!). Someone's already cornered the market for cat sombreros... http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=30403549


  3. You really want to know the truth? - I crochet a separate round for the base until it looks big enough and then sew it to the round! xxx