Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Roadtrip part II...

While we were staying with my Dad on stage two of last week's roadtrip, we spent a day at the National Trust's Wimpole Hall and Home Farm property in Cambridgeshire. We got in free thanks to Ade being NT staff and had a good nosey around the walled garden and farm (which took all day, looking in the hall will have to wait till next time!).

The walled garden was very impressive, with neat gravel paths and tidy hedges...
View of the walled garden 2

View of the walled garden 1

There were some big vegetable plots...
Walled garden veg plot

and a display of squash and chilli plants in the greenhouse (check out the purple upwards-pointing chillies!)...
Squashes and chillis 2

The home farm was the most exciting bit though. It's one of the Rare Breed Survival Trust's approved conservation centres and there were lots of interesting animals to see.

This White Park calf was very sweet and had amazing eyelashes!
White Park calf

There was an Exmoor pony...
Exmoor Pony

Some Leicester Longwool sheep...
Leicester Longwool face 2

and lots of cheeky Bagot goats lounging around and getting up to mischief...
Goat in a hay rack

Brown Bagot goat indoors

Black goats

There were also Dartmoor and Shetland ponies, Shire horses, Longhorn, Gloucester, Irish Moiled and Shetland cattle, Norfolk Horn, Hebridean Whitefaced Woodland, Manx Loghtan and Portland sheep and a wide variety of chickens and ducks. It was a rare breeds bonanza! There were pigs too, but we didn't get to see them because they were being kept away from the public for their own safety (swine flu precautions I suppose).

As well as visits to Gib and Wimpole, we went to Lincoln, Cambridge and Leamington Spa and played a round of disc golf (which my shoulder is still aching from, I'm such a lightweight!). And I caught up on some knitting, more of which next time... :)


  1. It looks like a wonderful road trip, and your photos are always so clear and artistic. By the way, the carriage pie was great! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a fab trip - you certainly got some lovely pictures. Those goats are very cute! I love all those different squashes too - I'm growing squashes for the first time this year but they're a long way off being ready for harvesting yet. Looking forward to seeing what you created.

    I've sent the pattern pdf to your yahoo email address - hope that's ok.