Friday, 1 January 2010


Hot on the heels of Christmas comes my Birthday! It's the day after Boxing Day and this year it was particularly momentous and/or traumatic because I turned 30...
30th Birthday balloons

Mum marked the occasion with a spectacular lemon cake decorated with fondant buttons...
30th Birthday cake
Mmm... cake!
Close up 30th Birthday cake

There are only about two slices left and they'll probably be polished off later this evening. It's delicious! :)

The day after my Birthday we went up onto the common behind our house to inspect the snow, which has stuck around for ages because it's so cold.

You can just about see the snowy Coniston mountain range in the background behind our rosy faces...
Wired snow people

All the tarns were frozen solid too. This is Ade standing on Leech Tarn...
Ade on the ice 2

He made it safely back to the edge. I was too chicken to walk on the ice, must be down to my advanced age! :D

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