Sunday, 28 March 2010

A loooong yarn...

I surprised myself recently by spinning an extremely long thin yarn. My default setting ranges from fairly chunky to extreme chunkiness, so I'm not quite sure how I managed this...
Sugar Plum yarn mound
345 metres of corespun skinniness!
Two strands of Sugar Plum yarn
It was spun from two of these Sugar Plum batts that I carded a few months ago...
Sugar Plum batt
Mmm... sugary pink!

Its a mixture of hand dyed soysilk from FeltstudioUK, a hand dyed merino/tencel blend from Fyberspates and a nef (cashmere, baby alpaca and silk) blend from Fyberspates, commercially dyed merino and some hand dyed angora kid locks.

Because the yarn is corespun, its very light and fuzzy. I don't know why it wanted to be so thin, maybe to teach me how time consuming skinny spinning is! It might already have a new home to go to, I need to get in touch with its potential owner to see if she wanted something so thin... :)

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