Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hitting the road for Real Nappy Week 2010...

Its international Real Nappy Week this week, so me and the team from work have been out and about around Cumbria, spreading the word about how fantastic real nappies are!

Here's our stall in sunny Kendal today, with Katharine waiting to introduce people to our slightly scary model baby...
Real Nappy Week roadshow in Kendal
I'd better explain a bit about real nappies in case there's anyone reading who's never heard of them. They're washable, reusable alternatives to single use disposable nappies. Real nappies are made of fabric but if you're thinking 'squares of terry towelling and nappy pins' then think again! Modern real nappies come in a huge variety of different fabrics (organic cotton, bamboo, micro fibre, hemp...) and are available in a range of clever designs that are very easy to use.

They're very cute too! Here's our nappy table, with a range of different real nappies on display...
Real nappy display at the Carlisle Real Nappy Week roadshow
If you're still thinking about the terry squares and nappy pins of old then you're probably also thinking of boil washes and soaking nappies... but that's not the case with the new generation of real nappies! Washing machines and detergents are so effective these days that nappies can be washed at much lower temperatures and nappy liners catch the messy stuff so that it can be flushed down the loo - a much better place for it than in a landfill site!

Our 'washing line' of real nappies always looks cheerful at events...
Real nappy washing line at the Carlisle Real Nappy Week roadshow
As well as talking to people about how easy real nappies are to use, we like to promote the fact that using real nappies can save people a lot of money (at least £500 compared to the cost of disposable nappies) and saves huge amounts of waste from going to landfill.

Around 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away in the UK every day and each baby goes through an average of 5850 nappy changes in their lifetime. If every nappy change involves putting a disposable nappy in the bin, it comes to the same weight as two dairy cows! Eeek!

Here's another section of our display, on the middle board you might just be able to make out some little posters we were sent by Mooncup as part of their new 'love your vagina' advertising campaign (which has been a definite talking point!)...
Carlisle Real Nappy Week roadshow display
Its great to be able to get out there with some real nappies, to show people what they're like and answer questions. We're lucky to have a great network of real nappy retailers in Cumbria, many of whom are very passionate about real nappies and come to our events to provide expert advice.

The Cumbria Real Nappy Campaign roadshows are rolling on for the rest of this week (there's a list of venues on our website here) and then it's all change for Compost Awareness Week straight after!

I'll leave you with a gratuitous bunting and table cloth photo, just because I'm proud of my sewing skillz...
Real nappy bunting

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