Monday, 17 May 2010

Showman's Waggon and bottlefeeding lambs!

I was going to do some gardening this afternoon but since my legs are aching too much for crouching down to pot up tomatoes (after the crazy late frost killed my other batch), I'll post part two of our weekend trip to Wales instead :)

We were going to stay in a B&B for a couple of nights while we were in Wales for the Smallholder Festival but then had a look on the Under the Thatch website and noticed something rather exciting was available on the dates we had in mind...
Showman's Waggon from the side

It's a Showman's Waggon, built in the 1940s as the home of a travelling showman from a circus! Happily, there were no traces of the circus left and I managed not to think about what it would have been like in there when the clowns and monkeys came round for a cup of tea... aargh!

Showman's Waggon and Ade

I didn't get many pictures from inside but there are some on Under the Thatch's website here. It's an amazing little place, perched in a fantastic location on a 200 acre farm in mid-Wales.

This is the view you get from the kitchen while doing the washing up...
Kitchen window view 2

And this is the view you get if you walk around the back while Ade's peering out of the bedroom window...
Ade at the bedroom window close up

The views across the valley are stunning and the area was teeming with wildlife. We saw several pairs of Pied Flycatchers, lots of Red Kites flying over, Redstarts, Nuthatches and many other birds. There are water voles and otters in the river Wye at the bottom of the valley (although we didn't have time to look for them this weekend) and there is a special tree-house hide to watch badgers from!

We went down to the tree-house at dusk on Friday night, armed with peanuts to put out for the badgers. After sitting quietly for half an hour or so, one or two badgers started appearing on the ground beneath the tree-house. Two of them spent ages snuffling around to get the peanuts we'd put out for them and we got fantastic views from right above them!

There are 400 sheep on the farm and the hard winter has meant a bumper crop of five orphaned lambs that need bottle feeding twice a day. I've always wanted to bottle feed a lamb so I was very excited when we got the chance to help out!

We didn't get many photos of the momentous event unfortunately. This is about the best one...
Me bottle feeding the lambs
The lambs were lovely and once they'd drunk all the milk they hung around for a fuss, leaning on your leg or chewing a shoelace. I wanted to take them home! :)

It was a great place to stay and the badger watching and lamb-feeding made the weekend even more enjoyable. It was a shame to have to leave after just a couple of days and we'll definitely try to go back soon for longer so we can explore the area more.


  1. That looks lovely! I had to bookmark it just in case we get round to a proper holiday some day. And who could resist the lambs!

  2. It was lovely! I'd highly recommend Under the Thatch for some amazing unusual places to stay in Wales. I could certainly never resist a lamb, they're always so sweet! :)

  3. Oh my! That's my dream home (haha)! Thank you for posting photos of the beautiful countryside in Wales, I yearn to visit as I have 'Snowdon' heritage/ancestry there. Perhaps one day we shall meet & share fibre adventures together!
    Thanks for visiiting my little corner of the blogiverse too ;)
    yarn hugs,

  4. Thanks Michelle! It would be a great dream home, with a fantastic spot for spinning on the little balcony!

    Wales is a gorgeous part of the world... fantastic beaches, beautiful valleys, stunning mountains and lots of sheep! You should definitely visit if you ever get the chance. I'd love to meet up for fibre adventures too!

    Kate :)