Monday, 28 June 2010

Woolfest 2010...

It was Woolfest at the weekend! A great event (as always) with lots of exciting things to see and buy. My hands must have been full of shopping most of the time because I don't seem to have many photos of general goings-on. Head over to the Woolfest website to see their gallery for a pictorial overview of the event.

I do of course have some pictures of sheep. Here are some lovely Portlands...
Portland sheep 2

and some Teeswater sheep (mmm... juicy curls!)
Two Teeswater sheep

A very cute coloured Ryeland lamb called Nutmeg...
Nutmeg the coloured Ryeland lamb
(how do they see with those fluffy faces?!)

And finally, an impressive display of Manx Loaghtan horns...
Manx Loaghtan sheep 1

I did get a few non-sheep photos too. Here's Ade with his favourite kind of spinning wheel, a Great Wheel...
Ade and the Great Wheel

Some natural dye plants on one of the stands, with a jar of lovely red madder roots in amongst the foliage...
Dye plants and madder in a jar

We saw a fleece sorting demonstration by Sue from the Natural Fibre Company...
Fleece sorting demonstration

The things I learnt from the demo will hopefully come in useful as I work my way through the *cough*four*cough* raw fleeces that I bought! :D

More raw fleece and Woolfest stash news in my next post... :)


  1. Love your woolfest pictures. That little ryeland lamb is the cutest thing ever :D

  2. Thanks Bev! It was the cutest thing. If there hadn't been so many people about, I'd have tried to sneak it home with me! :D