Thursday, 7 October 2010

Handspun knitted leaf scarf...

I thought I'd do a quick post about the scarf that I entered into a competition at Lowick Show (which I've already blogged about).

It was knitted from the Eden pattern (found in the lovely Knitalong book), which I've been wanting to make with some handspun yarn for a while but my chunky spinning style meant that most of my yarns were a bit too hefty for this delicate pattern. In fact, I did have a go at it previously with some white and gold Merino and soysilk yarn that I'd spun but when I was knitting it at Ade's parents house, his Dad commented that it looked a bit like a string of lambs testicles! Not ideal for wearing around your neck... :D

So, when I managed to accidentally spin a skinny corespun yarn from some of my hand carded Sugar Plum batts, I was itching to knit it up into a leafy scarf.

Here's a progress shot...
Knitted leaf scarf in progress 2

Its really easy to cart about with you because the scarf, yarn and double pointed needles all squish into a little bag and its very quick to knit up a sneaky leaf or two when you've got a spare minute. I even managed to memorise the pattern after a bit so I didn't have to keep referring to the book (which shows that its very simple because I usually struggle to use knitting patterns at all, let along remember them!).

Here's the scarf all spread out...
Handspun knitted leaf scarf 2

A leafy detail...
Knitted leaf scarf detail 1

And a picture of it draping (which it does very well)...
Draped knitted leaf scarf

That's it! I quite fancy making another one with a thin turquoise yarn that I've spun, which I think might make a nice seaweedy scarf :)

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