Friday, 19 November 2010

Woodland themed spin-along on Ravelry... part 1

I love Ravelry, it's such a great site for anyone with an interest in any kind of fibre-related craft, whether its knitting and crochet, spinning (of every kind, from traditional to art yarn), feltmaking, weaving, dyeing, carding or even just the joys of washing and preparing raw fleece. You can find the groups that suit you and get stuck in, safe in the knowledge that everyone there is as obsessed with that particular fibre craft as you are :)

Anyway, one of my favourite Ravelry groups is 'i love lai grai', which was set up by the very talented fibre artist Laila Grainawi (you can check out her blog here). This group is so friendly and inspiring and there is always some kind of knit-along happening for everyone to join in with.

Laila recently came up with the idea of a spin-along, where everyone could spin a woodland themed batt that she had carded up and we'd get to see how everyone decided to spin it... after all, there is definitely more than one way to spin a batt! :D

I loved this idea so I joined the spin-along (the page on Ravelry is here) and ordered my batt. I was so excited when it arrived! It's called 'Poison 'shroom' and is full of all kinds of gorgeous fibres, including Merino, Coopworth and Bluefaced Leicester wool, tussah silk, tencel, flax and some lovely angelina and firestar sparkles... I love it!

Here it is in the bag...
Poison 'shroom batt in bag

Released from the bag...
Poison 'shroom batt
Check out the little shroom and the textured uncarded fleece!

And a close up of the unrolled batt, showing all the lovely textures and colour...
Poison 'shroom batt unrolled

I can't wait to spin it! Although I'll have to wait because I haven't decided how I'm going to spin it yet... :)


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Can't wait to see it spun xxx

  2. i'm so so so excited to see everyone's spins! i had a lot of fun carding up the batts and wasn't sure how the few more reddish batt receivers would feel- so glad you love yours!!! :D & thank you so much for the ravelry shout out <3 it wouldn't be nearly as much fun without spinners like you :)