Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snow horse!

We've had snow here for over a week and lots more fell all day yesterday. I couldn't get out to my sewing class today because the roads were bad so I thought I ought to make the most of the snow...

by building a snow horse!
Snow horse from behind 2

He's very handsome...
Snow horse head from side

With a proud looking head...
Snow horse head from front
'Bbbrrrrpp!' That's a snorty horse noise in case you couldn't tell :)

Its almost exactly 20 years since I built my first ever snow horse at age 11. Me and a friend built one in my garden and one in her garden down the road in snowy Cleethorpes. Both those snow horses were quite a bit smaller than this one but then I was smaller too!

I couldn't resist getting on for a ride...
Mounting the snow horse

but the 30 year old me is quite a bit heavier than the 11 year old one was and it nearly ended in disaster...
Snow horse collapso!

I didn't completely squash him though :)
Me on the snow horse from the side

He just needed a bit of a repair work after I dismounted and he was as good as new. I hope he sticks around for a bit! :)

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