Friday, 31 December 2010

Woodland themed spin-along on Ravelry... part 2!

I've finally finished spinning my yarns for a Ravelry spin-along that I'm taking part in! The deadline for entries is the end of December, so I've left it till the very last minute to finish things off. Details of the spin-along and photos of the beautiful batt I was sent by Laigrai can be found on my blog here.

The theme of the spin-along was 'woodland' and all the spinners received a gorgeous batt to use as the basis for their yarn. Mine was called Poison 'shroom and had lovely red and orange tones in amongst some mushroomy browns.

Not long after getting my batt in the post, I stumbled across something very exciting in a shop called Tasty Vintage in Lincoln... little vintage ceramic toadstools! :D
Close up plaster toadstools

They're tiny and very cute, plus they've got little wires on them so they're perfect to spin into a yarn! I decided that they would work best on a wire-core yarn (a yarn spun around a thin metal wire) and I wasn't planning that for my batt but I did have some lovely scraps of mossy green fleece, which came with my batt, so I carded them up with more mossy coloured fleece and fibre from my stash and then had my first ever go at wire-core spinning!

'Toadstool' wire core yarn...
Toadstool yarn

Tiny little 'shrooms!
Toadstool yarn detail 2

I spun up my batt as a regular core-spun yarn (spun around a thin thread) and unfortunately the photos I've got of the finished yarn are taken in a really bad light because the sun barely came up today and I needed to get the photos done to post on Ravelry :(

'Poison shroom' yarn (the colours of which are much lovelier in real life)...
Poison 'shroom yarn 1

And here are the two yarns together (I think they make a lovely pair)...
Woodland spin along yarns

So that's it! I had a lot of fun spinning along with everyone else in the group and it inspired me to have a go wire-core spinning, which I've been wanting to try for ages. It has also been great to see how everyone decided to spin their batts and there have been some amazing yarns produced by the group. If you're on Ravelry, check out the spin along and all the gorgeous yarns here (Ravelry link).



  1. Oh, I'm in love! Those toadstools look wonderful incorporated into your yarn. Beautiful! Happy 2011.

  2. how did i miss this post?! love seeing this adorable little yarn again! & how fun that you spun newspaper & tissue paper! love them all! :)