Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Handspun newspaper yarn...

I've wanted to try spinning newspaper for ages so when I found an old copy of the Westmorland Gazette lurking in the recycling bin at work, right next to the industrial-sized paper cutter, I spent a few minutes cutting a load of 1cm wide strips and took my little stash of unlikely yarn material home with me...

And then I spun some yarn!

Newspaper yarn - 61g and 90metres long...
Newspaper yarn mound

I love the crispy little strands of paper...
Newspaper yarn

When you look at it very closely you can see some of the words and I liked the way I could read snippets of text as the paper moved through my fingers...
Close up newspaper yarn skein

Citroen... Peugeot... Ford Fiesta... Touran... woodburning stove... Ulverston... Kendal... fell running (it seemed to be mainly car adverts, classifieds and the sports results!).

I first saw instructions for spinning newspaper yarn on Craftster here and I followed these directions, except I was armed with a paper cutter and a spinning wheel, rather than scissors and a spindle, which probably sped me up a fair bit. It's still a fairly time consuming process though!

Now I just have to wind it into a ball and see how it knits up...


  1. great result, I love how thin and alive it looks. Thanks for the Crafster link - I'd like to try it with magazines... or wrapping paper. Looking forward to seeing what you knit.

  2. Thanks for your comment Fiona! It would definitely be worth experimenting with spinning magazines and it would be a great way to repurpose used wrapping paper. I've got a stash of brown packing paper from an Amazon order that will be my next paper spinning experiment if the newspaper yarn knits up well!

    PS I've just been for a look at your website and blog and there are saw some very inspiring and interesting things there. I'll definitely be having another look!

  3. fantastic! It's a work of art all by itself! Looks like some sort of nest - think I would be tempted to put it on my mantelpiece with some papier-mache eggs or something similar in... :)

  4. That's a lovely idea! You must be feeling Spring-like already to be thinking of eggs and nests! :D

    If knitting something flat goes to plan then I might try knitting a newspaper yarn bowl... I think it's been just long enough since my last bowl-knitting spree for me to feel like making another!

  5. Awesome - I never thought of using a spindle or a spinning wheel! I use my fingers!

    Also, that purple yarn (the most recent post) is GORGEOUS!

  6. Fantastic! I just tried my hand at spinning newspaper last night, but mine didn't turn out nearly as nice as yours! What type of wheel did you use?


    1. Thank you! :) I think the trick is to go slow and steady, it's a time-consuming yarn! My wheel is a Majacraft Suzie Pro