Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wrapping gifts with handspun paper ribbon...

I had some presents to wrap recently and decided to use my favourite wrapping standby - coloured tissue paper. I like the texture of tissue paper and the fact that it's easy to recycle or compost when its finished with, unlike some of the shiny foil papers you can buy.

Once I'd finished wrapping, I thought the gifts could do with a bit of extra decoration to finish them off. I didn't have any ribbon but I did have plenty more tissue paper and a spinning wheel to hand, plus the experience gained from a recent experiment in spinning newspaper...

which resulted in handspun tissue paper ribbon!
Wrapped presents with handspun paper ribbon

I think it came out quite well and it was easy enough to do. A quarter of a sheet of tissue paper, cut in a continuous strip and then spun was enough to tie around both presents.

The gifts were for a friend who's recently become a new Mum. The small present is a little baby gift from the Sedbergh Soap Company, who make lovely handmade natural soaps in nearby Sedbergh.
Small present with handspun paper ribbon

Big present with handspun paper ribbon
The larger present is Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby book, which is full of great projects for babies and toddlers, all of which are quick and easy (just what you want if you're a new Mum who likes to sew but doesn't have much time to spare).
Simple sewing book
I bought a copy of the book for myself as well since so many people I know seem to be having babies lately. I fancy having a go at most of the projects in it.

Who could resist sewing something that could make a baby pull this expression?!
Inside simple sewing book


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