Friday, 3 June 2011

Lovely goodies for the 'vintage' spin-along on Ravelry...

I'm taking part in another 'spin-along' on Ravelry! The last one was 'woodland' themed (my blog post about the woodland spin-along is here and the yarns I made are here) and the theme this time is 'vintage'. Both spin-alongs were organised by the lovely Laila of laigrai, who has her own 'I love laigrai' group on Ravelry. Its a lovely group of friendly spinners from all over the world :)

As with the last spin-along, Laila carded up some beautiful fibre batts in her vintage-themed colourway and everyone who wanted to spin-along bought a batt from Laila's shop. The batts were sent out and now all the spin-along-ers are spinning (or felting) the fibre in their own way, sharing the result (and the work in progress as they go along) in the spin-along thread on Ravelry.

Here's the batt I was sent...
Vintage batt

Unrolled, so you can see it a bit better...
Vintage spin along batt unrolled
Mmm... tiny little crimpy bit of fleece sticking up at the edge! :)

And then folded over a bit so you can see the underneath!
Vintage spin along batt unfurled

As well as the batt, we were each sent a treasure trove of lovely vintage bits and bobs that Laila had gathered for us all. I got buttons, beads, fabric scraps, bits of fleece and fibre and all sorts in my pack...
Vintage spin along goodies
I love that curly turquoise fleece... my favourite colour!

But the bit I was most excited about was the cotton boll...
Cotton boll

I've never spun cotton before and I've never seen cotton 'on the boll'. I really enjoyed playing with it and picking all the fibre from the leafy bits.

I ended up with a little pile of fluffy fibre, the stalk bit (which I'm keeping because I like the look of it) and the seeds...
Cotton seeds, fibre and stalk

When I mentioned picking out the seeds on Twitter and mulled over whether I could grow my own cotton, Laila replied to say that I could! How exciting! So now I just need to figure out whether I can plant the seeds whole or if you have to crack open the furry little cases first and I'll be on my way to growing some of my own fibre! Yay! :D

I'll keep you posted with my progress on the spin-along and the cotton growing, although I imagine I'll have my yarn spun before my first cotton is ready to pick :)


  1. Oooo, very excited to see what happens with this! By the way, when I come to Woolfest I would love to take home a few teeny samples of your wools to show the folk at the "Knit and Knatter" at our new wool shop xxx

  2. Teeny samples can be arranged :)

    I'm looking forward to Woolfest! x x