Friday, 24 June 2011

Woolfest 2011...

I've been at Woolfest all day today! Woolfest is a fantastic celebration of natural fibres, especially wool and all the crafts relating to wool (spinning, dyeing, weaving, knitting, crochet, feltmaking... to name but a few!). Its a fantastic festival and I've been lots of times (I blogged about the 2009 and 2010 events). I'm pretty sure that today was the busiest Friday at Woolfest that I've ever seen!

I didn't manage to get many photographs, due to being either weighed down with fleeces, wedged in by the crowds or too busy talking to lots of lovely people, so many of whom are passionate about some of the things I love the most! :)

You can always count on me for some pictures of sheep though! Here's a lovely Teeswater, slightly stressed that her friend had disappeared to take part in the rare breeds parade...
Teeswater sheep 2

A handsome Ouessant ram, who was very friendly (and tiny... I wish there was something in this photo for scale as they really are the smallest breed of sheep in the world!)...
Ouessant ram

Some beautiful Gotlands...
Gotland sheep
I love the colour, softness and curl of Gotland fleece.

I got drawn into discussions about keeping Angora rabbits on the bunny stall... I'd really love a pet rabbit (especially one that grows spinnable fibre!) but they're not very compatible with hi-fi cables apparently :(

The rabbits on show were quite laid back (and massively fluffy). This is Jasmine, who's a Woolfest pro and takes it all in her stride...
Jasmine the Angora bunny

This is Toblerone, who was experiencing his first year at Woolfest and wasn't sure he could face it head on...
Toblerone the Angora bunny
(I think he's trying to pretend that it's not happening!).

I was quite taken by this knitted Angora bunny rabbit... a bunny made from bunny fibre!
Knitted Angora bunny 1

On the subject of knitted things, I was very impressed by this knitted hanging basket on the Tall Yarns and Tales stand, complete with fuchsias!
Knitted hanging basket

Shopping-wise, I managed to snag three fleeces... a lovely brown/black coloured Bluefaced Leicester x Wensleydale, a white Leicester Longwool and a brown/black coloured Wensleydale. So lots of fleecy fun to come over the next few weeks! :)


  1. Gosh, you do make me homesick when I read your blog! Super photos of the sheep - my friend has Ouessants at her camel farm, they only grow to about 50cm. Have you ever seen one of the lambs? Tiny, tiny little things, smaller than a cat! So sweet.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I have seen Ouessant lambs... they're so small! I've heard the fleece can be wonderfully soft too and presumably wouldn't be as daunting to wash and spin as a regular sized sheep fleece! The camel farm sounds very interesting and I've just noticed on your blog that you're cultivating silk worms... how exciting! I'm going to have a read now to find out more :)

  3. I bought a little bag of Toblerone! It was a great day and lovely to see you. I shall get round to blogging about Woolfest too, but hopefully I will have something else to blog about tomorrow!!! xxx

  4. It was lovely to see you too! Toblerone the rabbit is a gorgeous colour. I've still got several bags of bunny fibre from previous Woolfests that I need to get around to using. Its lovely stuff! :) x