Thursday, 17 July 2014

Another pair of baby quilts...

Following on from my last post about the first couple of baby quilts I made, I've got two more to share that were made with Alegria, a patterned organic cotton fabric designed by Geninne Zlatkis for Cloud 9 fabrics...

Alegria HST quilt with corner turned to show background

This first one, made for baby Isla, is a pairing of Alegria and Sketch in white-black by Timeless Treasures. The backing fabric is the Britten Nummer print from Ikea.

Here are the quilt-top fabrics prior to being chopped up...

Fabric for Alegria HST quilt

And after being made into half-square triangles...

HSTs ready for the Alegria quilt

I'm very fond of Geninne's art, especially her birds and I love the colourful cheery designs in the Alegria fabrics. Geninne has a beautiful blog that you might like.

Isla's quilt was quilted with lines of straight stitching, which I really enjoy doing with my sewing machine's fantastic walking foot, that helps to feed the thick layers of the quilt through without puckering...

Close up pf Alegria HST quilt during quilting

Quilting the Alegria HST quilt

I do love the look of straight-line quilting...

Close up of finished Alegria HST quilt 2

Close up of finished Alegria HST quilt 1

I used the Sketch fabric for the binding too, which I hand stitched to finish the quilt...

Stitching binding on Alegria HST quilt

The other Alegria quilt I made was for baby Adam and featured a pinwheel design...

Alegria pinwheel quilt

I used a plain grey organic fabric this time, instead of the Sketch and I did a colourful scrappy binding using the Alegria fabrics. The backing was the same Ikea print.

Close up of quilt with corner turned back

I baste my quilts using curved safety pins to hold the three layers (backing, batting and quilt top) together. It means a lot of scrabbling about on the bedroom floor on my hands and knees but it seems to work well to stop the layers sliding apart while stitching the lines of quilting.

This is Adam's quilt at the basting stage...

Basting the Alegria pinwheel quilt 2

Basting the Alegria pinwheel quilt 1

I quilted Adam's quilt with a free-motion loopy pattern, which you can see quite well on the reverse of the quilt here...

Close up of quilting on back of quilt

It was my very first time doing free-motion quilting (where you move the quilt about under the needle to make the pattern) and I was sweating, stressed-out and exhausted by the end of it! It was worth it though and its become a bit easier now that I've quilted a couple more quilts this way :)

Close up of Alegria pinwheel quilt

Isla's quilt (at the top of this post) was photographed pre-washing but I took pictures of Adam's after it had been washed and dried, so you can see the lovely crinkly post-wash texture in the picture above.


  1. Wow they are beautiful. I love that collection, the peacock print is my favourite ever fabric. I've made a phone case from it so I can look at it every day. I've still got a couple metres left but haven't quite decided what to use it for yet.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! :) The peacock print is quite something. Great idea to make an item that you get to use every day with your favourite print! I'm sure you'll get inspired to make something with your remaining stash at some point. Just the right project will appear when you're least expecting it! :D